Australian Metal Powders Supplies (AMPS)

Stainless Steel powders and flakes

Australian Metal Powder Supplies are able to offer an impressive range of stainless steel powders and flakes. Below are the more popular powders.

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Stainless steel

Stainless steel powders

Australian Metal Powders Supplies is the distributor for Hoganas Belgium SA which is a division of Hoganas AB. Through Hoganas Belgium we are able to offer an impressive range of stainless steel powders.

316 L

A pre-alloyed austenitic and non-magnetic grade, 316L is the most commonly used grade for P/M stainless steel parts. This is due to its superior corrosion resistance and physical properties. 316L is particularly resistant to attacks by solutions containing chloride ions.

410 L

A pre-alloyed martensitic and ferro-magnetic grade, 410L is used for hard, wear-resistant P/M stainless steel parts. Hardness after sintering and cooling is high, and can be further augmented with the addition of specific proportions of carbon to the powder mixture. With graphite added to a level of C=0.3%, hardness after sintering and hardening from 1000°C can be increased to HRc32.

431 L

A pre-alloyed ferritic and ferro-magnetic grade, 430L is used for P/M stainless steel parts that require higher corrosion resistance than 410L can offer. It also offers excellent magnetic properties. This is available as a high carbon version.

Stainless steel flakes

Stainless steel flakes

The stainless steel flake range are manufactured from Type 316L grade material. They are available as a bright attractive pigment and are ideally suited for applications such as in architectural powder coatings and high performance protective paints. Stainless steel flakes in urethane and epoxy liquid coatings are used extensively to coat steel in food processing plants and equipment. Leafing and water grades are available.